Upgrade plan

A System Surveyor user can upgrade the plan by following these simple steps.

A System Surveyor user you can upgrade at any point by clicking “Upgrade” on the Account screen. 
  • Login to the System Surveyor Account

  • Click on Upgrade in the top right corner

  • See the current plan and click "Change Plan"

  • Select which plan is the best fit and Monthly or Annual subscriptions

  • Adjust the number of seats required and see the total payment adjust accordingly

  • Click on Change Plan in the bottom right corner

  • The next step will ask for confirmation of the order and proceed to checkout
  • Use a major credit card to complete your purchase
  • A receipt will be e-mailed to the Account Admin

Note: Users can find all invoices in the billing tab under settings

Tip: Have a coupon?  Coupons can be applied before proceeding to checkout.