Adding Accessories to Element Profiles

Users can add and save Accessories to Element Profiles to help speed up designs and accurately create a Bill of Materials.

System Surveyor supports adding Accessories through the interface or by using our Excel template. 

How to add an accessory to Element Profile Spreadsheet:

  • Export the Element Profiles spreadsheet
  • Navigate to the bottom of the Excel Spreadsheet, to find the Accessories section on the 2nd Tab.
  • On the “Accessories” tab
  • Fill out the information for each Accessory to add in the total catalog, row by row
    • Users can add: Accessory number, Description, Manufacturer, Model #, Price and Labor Hours 
  • Navigate back to the “Element Profiles” tab
  • For each device, in the “Accessories” section, use the dropdown menu in each cell to add the Accessories to include in the Element Profile 
  • Save the modified Excel file


TIP: Users can add up to 10 per Element Profile.  For example; if it is a Fixed Camera, add a Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount

How select options from the Accessories catalog:

  • Navigate to the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet
  • Click the drop down arrow
  • Select the optional Accessories (1-10) specific to the device

Import the Element Profile spreadsheet:

  • The Accessories added will now be reflected when applying the Element Profile on the survey
  • Users can also search for specific Accessories under the Accessories tab

NOTE: Users will have more Accessory options than maybe required for that device.

The user would use the small trash bin icon to delete the unused Accessories.

Example: If a Ceiling Mount is needed and not a Wall Mount, the user would delete that Wall Mount and not include that Accessory for the final Bill of Materials